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Hi, i am still a bit confused by OSM´s licensing rules. If i use maps (eventually modified in photoshop) in ebooks etc. - only the (modified) picture of the map would have to be attributed and licensed according to Not the whole work (i.e. ebook), right?

asked 12 Sep '17, 08:42

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This is a slightly tricky question, but in general the OSM licence only applies to OSM and derivatives of OSM data. In practical terms in your use case it will typically be sufficient to provide attribution for the maps you are using and you shouldn't be concerned about any general effects on the licensing of your book.

What you didn't want to know: the OSM distribution licence, the ODbL, allows lots of leeway in how to license so called "Produced Works", derivatives of OSM data that themselves are not databases, classical example is a printed map. How inclusion of such a Produced Work in a larger work affects licensing of that work is very dependent on which licence was chosen for the Produced Work (which in turn is your choice if your are the creator) and not answerable in general terms.

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