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During the HOT task for Naples, Florida, I found a place where the houses seem not to be attached to the ground. The place is called Imperial Wilderness.

As you can see from Google: Google Maps there are Mobile houses, also empty spaces (the light blue ground), and "regular house". Those houses are difficult to map from an imagery, where one cannot distinguish between a mobile house, a portable house and a real house attached to the ground.

My question is, how can I map this? Task 143

asked 11 Sep '17, 21:32

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You shouldn't use Google Maps as a source as far as I know.

(11 Sep '17, 21:37) maracuja-juice

I know that, but I am not copying not extracting info from google neither. Then, google is not the source for my mapping. Please, give a constructive comment for my question, instead of creating a controversy. Have you tried to answer my question? Have you analyzed my problem?

(11 Sep '17, 21:42) AngocA

Hi AngocA, try or consider using building=static_caravan,

permanent link

answered 11 Sep '17, 22:27

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I agree with this tag, which is the most appropriate. However, how can I differentiate from an imagery to determine if the "block" is a mobile home (which should not be tagged, I guess) or is a static caravan?

(13 Sep '17, 04:49) AngocA

If you can't distinguish these two from aerial imagery then you have to switch from arm chair mapping to real mapping and take a look at it on the ground :)

(13 Sep '17, 07:59) scai ♦

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