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I would love to use openstreetmap to give directions to our meetings. How do I generate link which can be sent via email, sms etc?

In googlemaps I can easily place a marker and than send a link like this to my collegues,+Praha,+%C4%8Cesk%C3%A1+republika&hl=cs&ie=UTF8&ll=50.083802,14.423847&spn=0.002427,0.003363&z=18

How to do this using openstreetmap, or any other site using OSM data? I think that it is very basic usage of map data, which would greatly promote OSM project.


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(02 Jul '11, 14:54) gorn

See that other, older question: how-do-i-add-a-marker-to-a-map?

(20 Aug '13, 12:23) aseerel4c26 ♦

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Simplest way would be to use general map on then click permalink in lower right corner. You will get link in your address bar. Now change lat to mlat and lon to mlon and that's it. Or you could have both sets of lat and lon and mlat and mlon if You wish to have marker not in center of map. There probably is more handy way to use this than editing permalink by hand, but for all my needs it's enough.

Example1 - A1 building of Wroclaw University of technology

Example2 same building but centered over C13

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answered 22 Jun '11, 07:31

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After clicking Permalink you could also copy the link address that Shortlink links to which is often more suitable for tweeting or emailing, and append ?m though I think this only offers the equivalent of Example 1 above, and not differently centred. e.g. should be as Example 1 above

(22 Jun '11, 09:00) EdLoach ♦

Sorry, but I can not accept Jaszczur answer. I can't picture myself proposing this "simple" way to all our team mates. It would not be accepted even before I have a chance to explain all subtleties of exiting url. For geeks: I define simple as - I can explain it to my grandmother.

(02 Jul '11, 14:53) gorn

Ok. Bad luck. OSM is currently not suitable for your grandmother.

(02 Jul '11, 21:04) Richard ♦

Yes, that is it. Basically my question was - is there osm service providing map sharing suitable for my grandmother ;-) ... BTW is quite good.

(19 Jul '12, 21:45) gorn

A similar question has previously been asked and answered here: How do I add a marker to a map?

Most of the solutions for that question will generate a link that can be shared with others.

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answered 22 Jun '11, 16:57

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Simpiest solution is it is a pity something as simple is well so hidden (I did not find this in google after hours of searching).

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answered 02 Jul '11, 14:52

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After the changes on osm website, there is now very simple way to do it. Just click the share button and check "add marker". Than you can adjust its position and get link to be shared.

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answered 20 Aug '13, 11:04

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