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I asked this here on stackoverflow. Basically I have an address in New York County, which is part of New York City, which is part of New York state. There is a similar address in Staten Island. I am looking for a way to specify New York County to the geocoder and not have it return similar addresses in the other 4 counties in New York City.

I believe the solution lies in the nominatim special phrases, However, I don't know how to use them.

asked 20 Jun '11, 20:28

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Justin Dearing
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On the Wiki page for Nominatim, there are descriptions for adding additional parameters to the query, including a bounding box, which will do what you're asking about geographically focusing a query.

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answered 20 Jun '11, 21:53

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While in theory a bounding box will work, I'd like to limit to a particular county. I could draw a bounding box for New York County pretty easily, but that would be hard as a general case.

(21 Jun '11, 13:44) Justin Dearing

There doesn't seem to be a query to do what you want, so my suggestion is to do one of three things:

1) (Simple) If your queries are infrequent, simply do a polygon filter after the results. OSM server are not meant for large scale general purpose use anyway.

2) (Complex) If you run a lot of queries and need a lot of very specific data, the right answer for you is to set up your own OSM instance restricted to the polygons you care about, and run your queries on your instance.

3) (Complex) You can add the feature to Nominatim. It's FLOSS. Patch it you may find the feature adopted upstream.

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answered 21 Jun '11, 16:42

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Is their much success offering bounties for features in Nominatim? In this case I'd rather pay someone else to implement the feature.

(21 Jun '11, 17:47) Justin Dearing

You can try, but generally OSM doesn't do "bounties" in that sense. Companies do hire OSM developers (MapQuest pays the Nominatim developer), but not always to work on OSM related activity. You can always get on the mailing lists and try, but I'd be surprised if people took you up on it for anything less than professional rate. The second solution of a custom instance would likely be the cheapest solution to your problem in that case.

(21 Jun '11, 18:27) emacsen

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