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Hello, I am a beginner here so please forgive me if this question is too simple :)

I wanted to see whether OSRM routing (on foot) provides a longer time if a road needs to be crossed. I thought I would check this out by looking up open street map. However, there is no OSRM option for routes made on foot, only for routes made by car. Is there a reason for this?

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asked 31 Aug '17, 10:59

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There are a few comments and links on a previous question here - do they help?

(31 Aug '17, 11:04) SomeoneElse ♦

The OSRM routing on is provided by the Project OSRM demo server. This only provides car routing, not bike or foot routing.

It is possible to set up an instance of OSRM that will do bike or foot routing, but it has significant hardware requirements (probably over 128GB of RAM required), and thus far no-one has set up such a server and made it available to for free.

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answered 31 Aug '17, 13:27

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Richard ♦
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Thank you Richard. I have set up a local server for OSRM routing on foot. Unfortunately there seem to be no time penalties for crossing roads at the moment.

(05 Sep '17, 15:55) newmapper90
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