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Can one somehow map/add the shed for supermarkt trolleys (when it is outside of the supermarket/building, commonly on the parking area somewhere)?

Ah, just got the tip to look at the German wiki (

As a node:


As an area/relation:


Although another suggestion is to use trolley_bay.

So what is finally the correct way?

asked 30 Aug '17, 20:29

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For the avoidance of doubt, "shopping trolley" is English and "shopping cart" is American.

You can use taginfo to investigate the popularity of these and other options.

There's not really a "correct" way to map very-low-volume features - I personally tend to pick something that's a compromise between reasonable English and reasonably popular for these sorts of things.

(30 Aug '17, 20:57) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse Yes, I've heard OSM uses British English, so I only mentioned that term here.

But if there is no official way for this yet, then we should finally create one… :)

(30 Aug '17, 21:01) YieldMapper

Well OSM doesn't really do "official" :)

(30 Aug '17, 21:03) SomeoneElse ♦

And that's bad. :(

(30 Aug '17, 21:42) YieldMapper

I use man_made=goods_conveyer for coal and/or ore delivery. This isn't quite the same but it's close.

Cheers, Dave

(31 Aug '17, 01:33) AlaskaDave

As @SomeoneElse says, there's no official answer. So I'll give you my personal opinion, I like amenity=trolley_bay because:

  1. Works for British English.
  2. Not all of these are covered, so subtagging amenity=shelter isn't ideal (and you can always add other tags such as covered=yes if it is covered).
  3. Same for using building (and adding data with the note key is not a good practice).
  4. This is vague enough to work for shopping carts, luggage carts, and any kinds of carts/trolleys
  5. It's used more than the other options I see in taginfo
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answered 31 Aug '17, 15:43

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Ah, that's a reasonable answer and I can see your points! I've already used that.

Now let's spread that tag and make it official, to prevent that anyone is using anything here. :)

(31 Aug '17, 17:03) YieldMapper

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