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Hi Guys,

I did quite some research but couldnt really find something to solve my problem yet:

I want to a find a solution to convert a normal Garmin OSM .img for example from here: into a "standart" Raster-Image Format, preferably a .ecw or .geotiff or a *.png with geoinfo, at least it is a Raster Image at the end.

The Process in my opinon would be:

a) loading the *.img b) setting the zoom-level c) setting compression and target format

-> The "final-product": a bunch of raster images

I am pretty sure that has to be done somehow?

Maybe there is another solution process - or even easier "workaround" ?

I would prefer some kind of "All-inclusive" Tool which can do the whole process in once, cause i am not really familiar with the command line ;-)

Any advice would be appreciated - thank you community and have a nice day.

regards sebastian

asked 30 Aug '17, 16:33

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Is it absolutely necessary that you start with a Garmin .img file? There probably aren't any software rendering tools that will work with those, since those are normally used and rendered on a Garmin device. You will have more options if the source format doesn't matter.

(30 Aug '17, 16:45) alester

As a side note: Please don't start a message with "Hi Guys". This is an opening that explicitly excludes women and we don't want to do that. I'm sure you didn't mean to exclude women but that's how it may read to others.

(04 Sep '17, 22:00) Frederik Ramm ♦

@Frederik See . I'm not a native speaker though and I don't know how gender-neutral the answers at StackExchange are. However I'm pretty sure we shouldn't turn this into a gender discussion :)

(05 Sep '17, 07:16) scai ♦

Well you could display a Garmin map in something like MapSource and take a screenshot of that, but I suspect the best answer to the question is actually "I wouldn't start from there if I were you" :)

What do you actually want to create? Is there any reason why you're considering starting from a Garmin .IMG file (which itself is created from OSM data using mkgmap) rather than using something else to process OSM data?

Some of the links from here may be helpful.

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answered 30 Aug '17, 16:42

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SomeoneElse ♦
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thanks for your quick answer.

Yeah well the "screenshot-solution" is in my mind too, but there must be a "smarter" way somehow ;-)

I really like the programm OziExplorer, which is a GPS Tracking Software. But it can only handle "raster-images".

Can i convert the OSM data into Raster Images format ?

(30 Aug '17, 16:51) sebel1802

Hi Sebastian, try using MOBAC (Mobile Atlas Creator): it allows you to create your raster maps for Oziexplorer and a lot more. It is a freeware too.

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answered 20 Jun '20, 08:00

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