After making a few (small) changes to an OSM map (using GPSMapEdit version I can save to Polish format, but when I try to export to Garmin img format, it fails with an "Invalid index in [REGIONS]" (Even if I make no changes, it still fails, so it is not the change causing the problem.)

Problem repeats with more than one OSM map but does not happen with non-OSM maps, so seems to be something specific to OSM maps.

asked 19 Jun '11, 17:17

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The maps are from Open Street Maps: Maps downloaded in the last few weeks. Have tried maps for USA and South Africa. Fault occurs even if no change is made, so that is not the cause.

With regard to using the OSM forum, I tried other forums but as the fault only occurs with OSM maps, the comment was "try OSM Help"!

(19 Jun '11, 21:30) TonyHeher

The correct forum for any discussion of these particular garmin files is here:

As I stated earlier this is just one of many maps for Garmin made from OSM data.

These maps are produced using mkgmap, and the issues you raise may relate to the fact that mkgmap does not handle garmin address searching, except in a special code fork.

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answered 19 Jun '11, 21:58

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Therefore you have not provided enough information for this question to be answered.

More significantly, I feel that this is not the appropriate forum for this question: OSM Help cannot be expected to be able to provide debugging advice on every product based on OSM, especially as these include blankets and clocks!

To be at all useful the following information should be added/included in the question:

  • Producer/supplier of OSM-based Garmin tiles
  • Area of the world covered
  • Date of the file (most suppliers will create new map tiles every week or so)
  • The nature of the small changes you have made.

From context I assume you mean a Garmin format IMG file based on data from OSM (OSM do not produce maps, OSM is a store of geographical data). There are probably over a 100 different suppliers of Garmin maps based on OSM: many of these, but not all will use mkgmap to produce their map files. Mkgmap relies on an incomplete understanding of the format of Garmin map files, and thus might not accord to Garmin's internal description.

You are also referring to two separate products, one of which, cGPSmapper, is proprietary and closed-source. Neither belongs exclusively in the OSM ecosystem., and therefore there is unlikely to be a strong pool of expertise on these products here.

I would suggest a general GPS forum, (possibly) the mkgmap talk list, the discussion list/forum of the map producer or any fora which exist on cGPSmapper & GPSMapEdit are all more likely to elicit knowledgeable assistance.

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answered 19 Jun '11, 17:47

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