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If a formerly-natural piece of land has been cleared for construction, but construction has stalled, leaving simply roadways open to the public with dirt between, what's the correct landuse? Construction (despite there being no construction)? Greenfield? Brownfield?

asked 07 Aug '10, 13:41

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what's with the downvotes? This seems like a good question.

(11 Aug '10, 08:28) David Dean

I've just stuck a bit of text on the page describing landuse=brownfield taken from the key:landuse page (so there is at least some description there)

"Land scheduled for new development"... So that doesn't fit what you want.

Perhaps you should use landuse=wasteland as per Proposed features/Wasteland

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answered 09 Aug '10, 17:37

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Harry Wood
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If construction has stalled (rather than being completely abandoned) it is probably best tagged as landuse=construction. This is mostly because that is what is actually happening on the ground but also because areas labelled with construction tend to be revisited regularly to determine is anything has changed. landuse=construction is both a description of the current land use and a place holder for an area that will need to be resurveyed soon.

If construction has been completely abandoned it might be sensible to use landuse=brownfield but it would probably be best to wait until it has been abandoned for a long period of time - it is likely with time the situation will become clearer.

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answered 09 Aug '10, 16:59

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Well Disney's in charge so it probably won't be left as is forever :) I'm really not sure I'd call this a construction site:

Here's a recent aerial:

(09 Aug '10, 20:40) NE2

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