NOTICE: is no longer in use from 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum is a barrier=gate that I would like to change into a linear feature. is a building=yes that I would like to change into a area feature. Must I delete each point first, or is there some way to give a second point to the gate, and more points to the building?

When I right click on the point, the only choice that comes up is Delete.

asked 24 Aug '17, 04:48

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I'm not sure if making the gate a linear feature is a good idea. Typically gates should be points that are part of the way where the gate can affect the accessibility of the road/path. That way routing software can take it into account. The way it is mapped right now, off to the side of the road means it probably won't be taken into account by routing software.

However to answer your original question, you can draw a blank line or area and then select both the point and the line/area at the same time (holding shift to select the second one) and then right click. There will now be a "Merge" option in the menu that will move all the tags from the point to the line or area. Note however that the point you are trying to merge can not be part of the line or area you are trying to merge it into.

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answered 24 Aug '17, 08:03

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OK but now the gates render as a tiny dot not in the center of the road, and not even in all layers (which all have roads.) How is anyone going to notice them before setting off on a trip, only to have it end at a gate they didn't notice?

(24 Aug '17, 09:40) jidanni

I moved the gates to a node on the way, but they still render to the side a little, and not blocking the whole road, like a nice linear feature would.

(24 Aug '17, 09:42) jidanni

I don't think there is a way to do that in iD right now. The functionality to turn a node into an area--keeping the tags--does exist in Potlatch and I use it all the time:

  1. Select node
  2. Shift click near node
  3. Make further edits to the resulting rectangle

Won't work for the node-to-line case, but is great for converting buildings from nodes to areas!

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answered 24 Aug '17, 15:18

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With ID merging deletes the point while creating the area. Which works fine but involves bloodshed. Does Potlatch spare the slaughter?

(24 Aug '17, 15:26) jidanni

If I understand your question correctly, Potlatch does keep the original node's ID, the other nodes all get new IDs.

(24 Aug '17, 16:23) neuhausr

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