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So I've been doing a little bit of editing, trying to grasp this or that.

My question is, why aren't my newly saved roads showing up in the view tab? They save was successful but to view the residential roads I need to zoom all the way in for a view of ALL of the roads and one step out for half of thme...three or more steps out and there is nothing to see of my new additions.

Link is here:

Upon further examination, I don't get 100% of the roads I added. Am I doing something wrong with my adding? Is there a tutorial somewhere?

asked 18 Jun '11, 07:07

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The streets are showing up now. Apparently it takes nearly 24 hours for the few streets to get into the system. Thanks for your patience everyone.

(19 Jun '11, 03:09) NativeTexan210

The way the rendering works in OpenStreetMap is perhaps a little odd from a users perspective and can result in differentially old maps. Only areas that get viewed are updated. If you don't view an area with changes for 24 hours, it won't get updated. The best way to make sure an area is updated, is to view it again and make sure to not hit your browser cache.

A better (more detailed) explanation can be found at

(19 Jun '11, 16:21) apmon

You're probably doing nothing wrong. "Rerendering" the map on the view tab isn't instant - it takes time, depending on how busy the server is. Different zoom levels are rerendered at different times, too.

See the FAQ.

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answered 18 Jun '11, 08:45

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This question is raised soooo often here that I'm wondering, we may add it as a ten-times-then-dies-flash reminder straight within Potlatch.

"In case you neverrrr read the FAQs nor Potlatch documentation, be reminded that your modifications will be processed by OSM servers, which takes time; they won't appear before a delay from minutes to hours, and depending on scale too"

OSM forums are incredibly polite: this is the only place I saw such an already-raised-1789-times-question never being snapped at...

(18 Jun '11, 16:50) Herve5

Yea, I typically read FAQ's and the like; might have something to do with a poor layout on this site as to why I haven't found the FAQs. Anyway, it's been 16 hours since the question was posed and I'm still having the same trouble. I think this exceeds "minutes to hours"

It was a total of about 3 miles of road, not a lot to tax the system but enough for me to see if I was doing it right. I can't find a "how-to" guide here either.

BTW, I did read the FAQs that are linked in the very top right corner but of course that didn't help me with this question.

(18 Jun '11, 23:22) NativeTexan210

Hello... What streets aren't you seeing - I can see from potlatch the Biltmore Lakes road and some others around that.. like Tivoli Gardens... but there are some which aren't mapped.

As far as I can see on the renderer, all that has been added to the map is there (remember your local PC may be cacheing the old tiles?) Can you give me a bit more info on what you think should be mapped but isn;t?

Ta Chris

(19 Jun '11, 01:45) c2r

Yes, this question is raised very often, as the process is not very intuitive from a newbies point of view. It is also not explained in an obvious way in the normal documentation.

The question then is where in the documentation would one best put a hint so that people looking for this question would find the answer?

(19 Jun '11, 16:28) apmon

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