hi All i have jumped right in and stated changing the map of my locality, total newbie thinking that the bit i am changing would be for my map which i require , Am i right in thinking that i am changing the original ?

I dont think i should be doing that ....right?

How do i get a map that i can add to as my own for personal use , even more importantley how do i get the original back to before i started



asked 17 Jun '11, 10:10

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All edits affect the master map data (aka "the planet"), so yes, it's not a good idea to remove things which other people will use. It's great that you've realised this and asked about it. Many people confuse the map on the main site as what OSM is about: this is just an illustration of one facet, the core of OSM is the shared data.

Now to answer your supplementary questions.

To create personal maps there are numerous techniques available. For Windows users the best place to start is with Maperitive, which allows you to choose what and how to render various features. You will need to download data to your own PC either from the main OSM site (suitable for small volumes of data), or from a number of other sites who provide OSM extracts as a service: notably Cloudmade and Geofabrik. For other rendering approaches there is a summary page on the wiki.

To restore data to its previous state ('reverts') requires a good knowledge of OSM. Again there are a range of techniques available, but the easiest to use is the JOSM revert plugin. However, I would strongly suggest that you do not try to do this yourself: ask on the IRC channel or on a local mailing list and someone is likely to help.

Please don't let this discourage you from continuing to contribute. I note that your edits were in the Liverpool area: there's lots of detail which can be added, and there's probably stuff which is now out-of-date.

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yeah i think i may need some help on the revert ...........feel really bad about this.

i have now opened the mapin "maperitive" and the changes i made are there also............have i changed the world for the worse ........

imagine cars driving the wrong way ........chaos in the world caussed by me .............HELP!!

(17 Jun '11, 11:24) vincentpybis

OK, I've fixed it now: I rolled back all your edits.

Take a look at this question, it might be of interest: http://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/4496/how-to-create-fantasyimaginary-maps-with-openstreetmap

(17 Jun '11, 18:50) SK53 ♦

thanks for the fix ........i can sleep tonight!!

your never gonna believe it ............i still need a map and i signed up for a programme called Cloudmade and im back where i started well aftre losing 10 hrs of my life !!

i juts need to edit a map put my bits on and save it to a jpg any ideas

again a big thanks

(17 Jun '11, 19:20) vincentpybis

Use OSM data in an editor like JOSM, then Maperitive to make your map using the edited file. Just DONT save the changes back to the main database.

(19 Jun '11, 22:01) SK53 ♦
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