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How do you tag the end of an irrigation ditch? The validator kicks it out as an error along with the rest of the warning and sometime with the maze of ditches, I fail to connect something.

Yes, it is a warning from the JOSM validator " "waterway ends without connection to another waterway" and it does not catch the transitions when changing to a culvert either. Yes ignoring them just defeats a validator and is not the answer. During a twenty minute section of irrigation drafting, I could have more than 20 or 30 connection and because most of these are not single runs but multiple ditches paralleled and connected. So, an appropriate end node tag is essential otherwise verification is necessary and time consuming.

Unless I'm mistaken, a ditch is a simple linear way consisting of multiple node.

We all know that you can ignore the warnings, that is a given. I'm sorry I used the word error. The check is needed especially when you are making 100 nodes of connections every 20 or 30 minutes all close together.

We need a termination of way node tag or simply test for proximity to another node to eliminate the warning.

As the last person said "I can just ignore it" or better press the "Ignore" button and it would add it to the list.

asked 17 Aug '17, 12:19

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Is this the JOSM validator? Is it saying you're missing a tag, or that the node isn't connected to an adjacent way?

(17 Aug '17, 14:48) neuhausr

AFAIK, JOSM gives a warning, not an error. I ignore them in case of ditches

(17 Aug '17, 15:28) escada

What does the error say exactly? What tags did you use on the relevant objects (ways/nodes)?

(17 Aug '17, 19:13) dsh4

I see you've edited your question to add more detail, but we still don't know which error/warning you're asking about (the JOSM validator has many). Until we know what the problem is, nobody here will be able to provide any relevant advice.

(17 Aug '17, 23:55) alester

The warning I see is "waterway ends without connection to another waterway" (my translation from the Dutch text I see). All those warnings are grouped. There is no tag to mark the end of a ditch, that will stop the validator from complaining. It also does not recognize location:transition=yes to indicate that the ditch goes underground.

(18 Aug '17, 04:13) escada

There is no such tag AFAIK. The only correct thing to do is supply a patch for the validator in order to stop testing the connectivity of waterway=ditch.

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answered 18 Aug '17, 04:22

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It's just a warning. It's an entirely reasonable warning given that ditches often connect to other waterways. If you are sure that your ditch does not connect, or cannot see how it connects, then as escada has already said, you can just ignore the warning.

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answered 18 Aug '17, 09:28

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