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I am looking at Serbian map, and there is a lot of mixed cyrillic and latin written names. It is quite confusing.

Is there some way to make this unified (or cyrillic or latin)

asked 16 Aug '17, 13:38

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Which map are you looking at? I'm guessing that it's the "standard" view at If you select 2 of the other 3, you'll see that Cyrillic names also have a latin equivalent, where it's in the data. Another option is - that will show transliterated latin even when it isn't in the data.

(16 Aug '17, 13:58) SomeoneElse ♦

Well, I am looking at OSMAnd on android, mapillary and many other places. Someone writes in cyrillic someone in latin and it can be changed in settings, but many people do not know how to do it. For mapillary I can not change it and it looks very confusing having mixed letters. Also, many POIs today have english words in them, and displaying them in cyrillic is definitly not a good idea.

(19 Aug '17, 14:15) Smajser

Sorry, but I don't quite understand what you are asking about? Are you asking about OSMAnd, or about Mapillary, or about the underlying OSM data? You'll need to provide a concrete example where others can see the issue. Please clarify your question, otherwise it will be closed.

(21 Aug '17, 10:05) sleske

Using , can you zoom in somewhere where there is a problem and then paste the URL here?

(21 Aug '17, 10:10) SomeoneElse ♦

Well, the problem is this. At first image you can see how part of map looks in OSMAnd. I believe that street names are not corect due to translation between cyrillic and latin.

For example, Kralja Petra I is shown as Kralja Pietra I. Then Njegoševa is shown as Njieghoshieva, etc.

Second problem is that when I look at Mapillary it shows street names correctly, but POIs are shown in both cyrillic and latin.

Now, I could go on and on with examples of where the problems are occurring, but I am interested is there any solution to this.

Definitely problem arises from using both letters, and then translation. I know that there are name, name:sr and name:sr-latin fields that should be written and then renderer can use field that is appropriate. But it is difficult to force everybody to write every field correctly, and then when software is generating map - problems arise.

I am interested if there is any soultions to this.

I hope I explained a bit better.

(21 Aug '17, 18:13) Smajser

(edit) Found it! The "OsmAnd" area is . You've just edited that so that the name:sr-Latn tag is now in the "name" field. OsmAnd was presumably trying to convert the cyrillic name to latin itself and getting an extra "i" from somewhere. You'll need to ask the OsmAnd developers about that - it wasn't ever a problem with the OSM data.

Looking at the area around , it looks like Mapillary is just using whatever in the "name" tag (which is not really a bad default, to be fair). If you'd like it to do something different you'll need to talk to the Mapillary developers. You can see what tags are in the data by using the "?" icon at the right-hand side of the screen when you're viewing .

(21 Aug '17, 18:31) SomeoneElse ♦
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This is not really going anywhere, but lets give it a try.

Both OsmAnd and mapillary, or rather mapbox in the specific case, use a mix of OSM data, wikidata and transltereated names on their maps, in the case of OsmAnd you can influence that a bit by some settings.

With other words, if you are seeing something that isn't clearly traceable back to an entry in OpenStreetMap proper (an i18n name variant or the name tag itself) you need to talk to the respective organisations and companies to find out what is going on.

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answered 21 Aug '17, 18:45

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SimonPoole ♦
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Ok, I thought there is maybe some other way for this to fix.

Thanks for help.

(22 Aug '17, 08:55) Smajser

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