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When I source a street in Mapsource, I go to Search locations, I fill everything in and then Mapsource said:The selected street is not valid for this map product. The same on my Garmin Edge 800. What I am doing wrong?


asked 16 Jun '11, 17:32

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Your street is probably not mapped yet. You can map it yourself by finding the area at OpenStreetMap.org and enter the 'Edit' tab and add the street.

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answered 16 Jun '11, 17:56

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Gnonthgol ♦
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For every street I've got the same problem. I see te street on the maps but hij didn't founf hem.

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answered 22 Jun '11, 11:41

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It would help if you specified where you got the OSM Garmin maps from - did you download them from somewhere, or did you generate them yourself, if so how.

Anyway, how the Garmin map format works with address searching in the is not fully understood. So it is not properly supported by Mkgmap, the software used to generate most OSM based Garmin maps. So this means searching for a street or address might not work on some Garmin devices or in MapSource.

But there has recently been work on improving support for addressing in Mkgmap, so newer versions should work better with this. So try using some maps generated with a recent version of Mkgmap, possibly the 'locator' branch. You could try the maps from Free worldwide routable Garmin maps, I think they currently use a fairly new Mkgmap version, so have some addressing support.

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answered 22 Jun '11, 12:44

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