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Can a shape be reproduced to enable for instance the input of a large number of identical buildings. Some older housing estates in UK have identical houses/bungalows. How can these be input efficiently without drawing round the shape of each one? I use Potlatch 2 and as yet have never ventured into JOSM.

asked 14 Jun '11, 10:06

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There's currently no way to do this in Potlatch 2 though we hope to add it in a future version.

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answered 14 Jun '11, 13:05

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When you are brave and get JOSM in use (it is worth it!) then you can even try the "Duplicate" function:

select an existing object from the downloaded OSM data, move the mouse to the target position and simply press Ctrl-"D" as often you need that object.

When necessary you can rotare some shapes later manually.

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answered 14 Jun '11, 17:42

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There is a way, of sorts.

1) Select existing shape

2) press P (or click the 6-spot shape in the tools palette). This creates a "parallel" way, ie a geometrically similar shape (but adjustable size) with the same geometric centre, which will become visible as a thin black line when you move the pointer

3) "wobble" the pointer slightly, firstly to make the new shape visible and then to make it coincide with the old shape

4) click. The cloned shape is now highlighted and can be dragged to the required position.

Obviously it would be more elegant if you could omit step (3) thereby creating a shape which is automatically the right size, but for some reason this creates a shape missing the final edge. I would call that a bug.

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answered 01 Jul '12, 14:55

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Have a look at the answer to this question might be of use this will allow you to copy for example "building, house" if after drawing a load of outlines, so may save a bit of typing. there is some advice about drawing buildings in the wiki which is worth a read, but you are right being able to paste a load of identical shapes would be useful tool. If you have a row of houses on same line draw two lines as a guide just outside buildings then single nodes for end walls then turn off bing draw them in, label one, copy with"r" then clicking on each and r with label them. not exactly what you asked but may help..... following Laverock answer... Good discovery, adding to your answer I found that after creating the larger shape you can drag it away then create smaller ones of the original size shape inside it for dragging to the correct position. installing a couple temporary parallel lines may assist with size and position when building a row on houses. alt text

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answered 14 Jun '11, 14:03

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