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I started editing part of map in Serbia and I see that streets and POIs have 3 fields for name - name, name:sr, name:sr-Latin. "Name" is written in cyrillic, name:sr is written in cyrillic and "name:sr-Latin" is written in latin.

Is there a need for all these names to be used? Will there be some problems if I write only cyrillic or only latin? Maybe while searching?

Best regards Uros Racic

asked 06 Aug '17, 10:25

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At least you have to fill in the "name" field, in the local language. I assume this is the Serbian name in Cyrillic. I do not see the use for name:sr when it is the same as name. name:sr could e.g. be used for Brussels in Serbian. As for name:sr-Latin, I assume this is a transliteration of the name field. Normally this does not have to be added when it can be done automatically. However, some mappers still add this information.

In conclusion, IMHO name in Serbian is sufficient.

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answered 06 Aug '17, 10:38

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I suspect that part of the reason why there are multiple name tags in the wider region is that there have been many border changes over the years, and many places have multiple names in multiple languages. Certainly over in Kosovo (independent, but considered by Serbia as part of Serbia) it's useful to have a "name:sr" on a place where "name" is a Serbian name, so that it's clear that "name" is a Serbian name rather than any other language. Where there really is only one "name" for a place there's less of an argument of course.

The "name:sr-Latin" is a bit of an odd one (as I understand it it's only Serbia that has that approach). I guess that someone way back when thought it was a good idea; it's something worth discussing with the rest of the Serbian community as to whether anyone still uses it. There are certainly "on the fly" latinization options available now that weren't previously.

(06 Aug '17, 11:05) SomeoneElse ♦

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