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A motorway near me contains a separate travel corridor specifically for HOV traffic. The corridor is oneway at any given time but reverses to accommodate morning and evening rush hour traffic. The corridor is correctly represented on the map as a separate way but it does not have the proper conditional tagging to reflect the change in direction and vehicle type restriction. The corridor is open to HOV traffic traveling in the forward (as drawn) direction Mo-Fri 14:00 -05:00 and in the backward direction Mo-Fri 6:00-13:00. For simplicity, all other times the way can be regarded as closed for all traffic in both directions.

Ignoring the lane, layer and name tagging, I'm thinking this way should be tagged as follows.

oneway:hov:forward:conditional=yes @ Mo-Fri 14:00-05:00
oneway:hov:backward:conditional=yes @ Mo-Fri 6:00-13:00

Any thoughts or suggestions?

asked 05 Aug '17, 20:20

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Are the 1 hour gaps 5:00-6:00 & 13:00-14:00 intended?

(05 Aug '17, 22:28) Hjart

Yes the 1 hr gaps are intended as changeover periods. Also, I plan on assuming no access on weekends. The weekend schedule is less predictable and there is little benefit to routing on this way during the lighter weekend traffic.

(06 Aug '17, 00:09) userJeff

I find the "oneway:forward" and "oneway:backward" tags a little confusing. Sure, the syntax allows them, but semantically, a oneway attribution applies to both travel directions. Would it be clearer to drop :forward/:backward modifiers and instead set oneway:hov:conditional = yes @ Mo-Fri 14:00-05:00; -1 @ Mo-Fri 6:00-13:00 using the oneway=-1 tag? Or perhaps change "oneway:hov:forward:conditional" to "hov:forward:conditional" so it is a conditional access= rather than a conditional oneway=.

(06 Aug '17, 17:41) dsh4

Both of those options are clearer in my head. If I understand, these alternatives tagging schemes are

oneway:hov:conditional = yes @ Mo-Fri 14:00-05:00; ; -1 @ Mo-Fri 6:00-13:00


hov:forward:conditional = yes @ Mo-Fri 14:00-05:00
hov:backward:conditional = yes @ Mo-Fri 6:00-13:00

Are there any other tags required in either case?

(07 Aug '17, 02:13) userJeff

Actually, now that I see it spelled out, I think only the second example is valid: in the first example nothing overrides the access=no tag.

Also, "Fri" should be changed to "Fr", since the opening_hours syntax requires 2-letter abbreviations.

(07 Aug '17, 02:45) dsh4

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