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In my area, a bunch of highway=bus_stop nodes were added from an inaccurate data source. The nodes are positioned inaccurately, sometimes on the wrong side of the street. That affects users of foot routers: they are navigated to the wrong side of the street.

One solution we're considering is to tag the imported nodes with something like a accuracy=10m tag, which foot routers would consume and alert the user accordingly. ("Destination reached; you are now within 10 metres of the bus stop")

Would this make sense? Is there already a standard tag for this?

asked 03 Aug '17, 15:22

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One question here - do you know how inaccurate the data is?

The NaPTAN data in the UK has an accuracy that varies greatly by area - in some places you can bet it's with a couple of meters (at least of where the stop was at import time), but elsewhere could be significantly out. If you only know "it may not be accurate everywhere" then adding an "accuracy" tag may be misleading.

(03 Aug '17, 16:26) SomeoneElse ♦

Unluckily you haven't told us where this is and how many stops we are taking about. Depending on a number of aspects it may make sense to run a maproulette challenge and adjust the stop positions from imagery.

(03 Aug '17, 18:50) SimonPoole ♦

I've asked my local community to join this thread and answer your questions.

(03 Aug '17, 18:57) dsh4

Do not waste time on trying to find ways to describe just how faulty the data is. Either delete it, or fix it.

The data shouldn't have been imported like that in the first place (if what you say is true, you'll also have bus stops in the middle of the road or inside buildings), but now that the deed is done, I'd say you (and very much so the original importer) should concentrate on fixing it, by moving the bus stops to the correct ground-surveyed positions. Isn't that a great challenge for a rainy day: Get a GPS and a day pass for the bus, and see who manages to stop at more stops.

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answered 03 Aug '17, 16:08

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Whilst it makes sense to ensure that the accuracy of imported data is as good as it can be, "delete it or fix it" isn't really the best option - OSM has always grown on the basis of step-by-step improvement (initial data, whether traced from old maps or GPS traces was often some distance out and later, more accurate sources of all kinds has helped to imrpove it.

The way that the NaPTAN bus stop data import was handled in the UK was to have a "naptan:verified" tag, initially set to "no". Other imports have had similar schemes.

(03 Aug '17, 16:23) SomeoneElse ♦

The data contains correct bus stop names and ref=* numbers. The latter could be used to easily import bus route relations later, which would enable planning bus trips using OSM data, even if the stops are inaccurate.

(03 Aug '17, 18:34) dsh4

I would have thought Fix-me tags could encourage bus users to check them.

(03 Aug '17, 20:17) andy mackey

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