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I tried to add a feature which was left out at the position 52.04035° N, 9.53146°W.

The forest has a long, narrow, rectangular indentation; apparently whoever mapped this forest (via Bing, I suppose) could see that there is no forest in this area, but no more. There is actually a basin there with a narrow channel connecting it to the lake; a kind of micro marina.

My problem is that to the west of the basin the lake and the forest share a number of nodes.

Is there a way (preferrably in Potlatch 2) to extend the lake to encompass that basin, without extending the forest as well?

asked 02 Aug '17, 21:13

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You can disconnect nodes in Potlatch 2 using Shift-J (J will join them again).

When I want to do something like this, I usually follow these steps:

  1. Draw the new part of the outline as a separate way. Do not tag it. Make sure it joins to the nodes of the existing way.
  2. Select the way you wish to extend (the lake), and cut that way (keypress X) at the two points where you are extending it.
  3. Delete the section which is not longer needed.
  4. Select the remaining portions (there may be more than 1) of the original way AND the new untagged way and join them using keypress J. The existing tags should now be applied to the whole way.
  5. In your case you need to repeat the process with the forest. You do not need to do point 1. Instead cut the forest way, delete the unneeded part, and then make sure the original way is in a single piece. Then select one of the nodes where the way ends, extend it to the next node of what you have added, and then use the follow function (keypress F) to keep extending the way until it once more forms a closed way.
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answered 02 Aug '17, 22:00

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