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I am adding a new feature to our online map, which would show OSM POIs as vectors and subsequently allow users to contribute new POIs. What I can't really find is some iconset, which could be usable for selecting the right icon according to node's properties. Something like mapping from 'amenity=restaurant' to /iconset/amenity/restaurant.svg. All I've found was incomplete and there was no mapping, or it was outdated (for example restaurant was under food, but now OSM chooses amenity, when I edit with id).

I know that it's upon every renderer, what icons it would use, but do I really have to create my own iconset and mapping from scratch? Isn't there at least some iconset to start with?

asked 31 Jul '17, 11:02

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Any of the more popular preset systems provide tag combination -> icon mappings in one way or another:

Further the map styles have similar rules (but tend to less complete as they need to reduce the amount of information they display to be practical).

In general, before embarking on a larger coding exercise, I would recommend getting acquainted with how OSM tagging works and in general with the data model and the pitfalls you are likely to run in to when creating your application.

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