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I am trying to make a parking area for buses and the closest thing I see is Car Parking. is there anyway to specify something that is not for just cars? Like trucks and buses?

asked 30 Jul '17, 18:45

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It sounds like you are using the iD editor (this is the default, in browser editor).

The iD editor displays the actual tags used, but not prominently. Instead, it displays a iD specific descriptive name prominently. This is the box with a "P" icon, and "Car Parking" at the top of the left panel when a parking lot is selected.

In general this behaviour of iD is good, as it simplifies some of the complexity of the tagging schemas, and makes editing more accessible. In this case, though, it's misleading. The tag being used is not car specific, but rather (as per the OSM Wiki), is for "motor vehicles, such as cars and trucks". Buses would also be fine.

It wouldn't be wrong to just use what iD calls "Car Parking", so start by doing that. It is possible to do better though, so let's improve it a bit (if you're willing to put a bit more work in).

In iD, scroll the left panel down to the bottom, and look in the section called "All Tags". If it's the lot you just added it'll just have one tag amenity=parking (displayed in two table cells), click the plus icon, and add another line: access=no, and another line bus=yes. This means that the parking lot is not accessible for use in general, and that it is accessible for buses. (I think this is what you're going for, please correct me if I'm wrong)

Feel free to let us know if there's something about my answer that is unclear, or if I've made some incorrect assumptions.

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answered 30 Jul '17, 22:17

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One minor clarification: bus=yes means the parking is specifically for public service buses. If privately-owned buses are allowed as well, add the tag tourist_bus=yes instead.

(31 Jul '17, 03:18) dsh4

Thanks @dsh4, I didn't know about that tourist_bus tag.

(31 Jul '17, 07:39) keithonearth

That sounds about right. It is a private lot for school buses so I set it access=no and bus=yes and it worked out right, there is even a spot to put the lot operator and I put the name of the bus co/school district.

(31 Jul '17, 14:57) RichManSCTV0

@richmansctv0, that's great iD gives you a spot for the operator. There's no need to add more info than you already have, but I would like to point out there is lots of potential tags that could be added in the "All Tags" section. This allows any tag to be entered. The advantage of this is you can enter uncommon tags on subjects you take an interest in. The disadvantage is that it will accept non-standard tags, like mistakes or typos, and that it can be confusing, because of the huge numbers of OSM tags.

All that said it's worth being aware of the tags, and their potential.

(01 Aug '17, 22:55) keithonearth

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