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In Ireland street names are usually in English and in Irish/Gaelic; normally "name=" and "name:ga=" will deal with this.

However, surprisingly often official street signs will give various spellings of the Gaelic name, such as "Dalton's Avenue" in Killarney being called in Gaelic "Ascaill An Daltúnaigh" according to some street signs, "Aibhinne uí Dhaltún" according to others.

Is "name:ga:1=" and "name:ga:2=" acceptable here, or what else would be the best solution?

asked 28 Jul '17, 13:07

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Hi there. I've sometimes just put in name:ga and old_name:ga when it's clear that the one sign is older than the other. Or just use alt_name:ga.

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answered 28 Jul '17, 14:11

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Thanks; in most cases that I encountered there's no obvious age difference; so, I'll go with your alt_name suggestion.

(28 Jul '17, 21:34) Marabu_Too

And when you've got more than two variants that can't be distinguished semantically using one of the foo_name variant (rare but happens), you can fall back to name_2:ga.

(09 Aug '17, 09:00) Vincent de P... ♦

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