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Is there a way I can split one large polygon in Potlatch 2 into two smaller ones (to save redrawing / adding nodes)?

This is for landuse - to save editing and redrawing large parts. Ideally, the two split halves would inherit the same tags from the parent.


asked 13 Jun '11, 12:57

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You can select a node where you would like to split the polygon, and click the "cut" icon. This will split the single way into two parts (obviously there will be another split created somewhere around the loop.

Both halves will inherit the tags from the whole, however, you will now have two linear ways, rather than one area. If it is landuse, you will need to join the areas back into two separate circular ways for it to render again.

i.e. assume you have a square field with six nodes, A-F






You could split this at E. Assuming the way also splits at B, you then have two separate ways, BADE and BCFE.

You would then need to join E to B (perhaps via some new nodes) twice, once for way BADE and once for way BCFE, if that makes sense...?

Regards Chris

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answered 13 Jun '11, 13:34

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(Note that if there multipolygon relations, then this becomes slightly more tricky)

(13 Jun '11, 13:35) c2r

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