Two streets in Balçova, İzmir are decided to be one-way and living streets recently. However, they also are the main roads in the district (preferred return path for another one-way road). How should I tag them?

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asked 24 Jul '17, 13:43

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Could you link to the streets on the map please?

It would be unusual for a living street to be a primary road through an area. Perhaps motor_vehicle=designated or highway=pedestrian would suit this situation, but I'm not sure.

(24 Jul '17, 17:10) dsh4 is one of them. I am also shocked on that street being a living street, because there is considerable car traffic on and one of the busiest bus routes of the city goes through that street.

(24 Jul '17, 18:30) erkinalp is actually tagged as "highway=secondary" and has been so for 9 months. is an overpass turbo query that looks for highway=living_street in the area - perhaps you were thinking about one of those?

(24 Jul '17, 20:18) SomeoneElse ♦

Living street decision is very recent. One-way decision has been made a year ago.

(24 Jul '17, 21:06) erkinalp

You have basically two options:

  • Ignore the living street classification. Keep the current highway=secondary classification but add maxspeed=20 (the maxspeed of a living street in Turkey). This seems to match the actual usage of the road according to your descriptions.
  • Change the current highway=secondary to highway=living_street. This matches the legal classification and will lead to car routers avoiding this road. However it will also lead to pedestrian routers to prefer this road which isn't ideal since it carries high traffic according to your description.

I can't say which option is better for your case. The first option seems to better match the current situation. But I expect traffic patterns to change due to the reduced speed and also the buses might get re-routed eventually.

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answered 25 Jul '17, 08:49

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"will lead to car routers avoiding this road"

That is precisely why I suggested motor_vehicle=designated: I hoped it'd lead routers to use the road despite its designation as a living street.

(25 Jul '17, 12:43) dsh4

@dsh4 I think we'd need a citation of any car routers honouring "motor_vehicle=designated" for that :)

(25 Jul '17, 12:46) SomeoneElse ♦

A living street is by definition not a designated street for motor vehicles. I would advise against adding contradictionary tags. Either stick to it being a high-traffic road with a low speed limit or change it to a typical living street.

(25 Jul '17, 13:01) scai ♦

{living streets}( are a special legal construct/street classification in some countries, by definition they will never be a main road (for which we don't have tagging per se in any case).

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answered 24 Jul '17, 19:59

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It is a legal classification in Turkey, too (search for "yaya öncelikli yol"-20km/h speed limit, pedestrian can use whole width of road, neither should impede passage of other). However, the situation I have described really exists on the ground(main road signposted as a living street).

(24 Jul '17, 20:53) erkinalp
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