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Using JOSM's Download from overpass option I downloaded entities which have the created_by tag, but it appears that it doesn't display 'created_by' tags. I've check the filters option & it's empty.

Is this by design? If so, are there any other hidden tags & how to I delete them from entities?

asked 24 Jul '17, 13:25

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This is by design. The created_by tag is deprecated.

JOSM removes this tag automatically on objects that have been edited by you. You should not remove it yourself since this is just not necessary. See created_by#Guidance for more information.

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answered 24 Jul '17, 15:01

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edited 24 Jul '17, 15:17

The logic of this is a bit twisted. I understand the concept of deleting certain tags on upload, but it's ridiculous to hide tags which need removing. It's logical to hide data which is essential, not the other way around.

(24 Jul '17, 17:25) DaveF

This tag doesn't "need removing", it just doesn't serve any purpose. Otherwise there would simply be an automatic edit to remove it once and for all. However hiding this tag will prevent people from editing and misreading it.

(24 Jul '17, 18:56) scai ♦

@DaveF please do not answer questions with a non-answer, comments are for that.

(24 Jul '17, 19:54) SimonPoole ♦

I agree with the above comments the tag has no practical meaning (which editor you used is a changeset property right now and you should simply ignore it. There is btw in my opinion at least some useful information left in this tag (and a reason not to just delete all of them at once): a POI tagged created_by is probably worth a survey, it is a long time since it was last touched by someone.

(24 Jul '17, 20:04) Alecs01

JOSM automatically removes the created_by tag whenever an element with such a tag is edited. So you don't need to delete these tags by hand. Instead, they automatically disappear from the database as part of other edits.

Going out of your way to remove these tags is discouraged by the created_by wiki page:

You should not remove the created_by tag on objects you are not otherwise modifying. If we wanted to remove them in bulk we'd do it some other way.

The concept of tags being automatically removed by editors is known as "discardable tags". That page also links JOSM's list of discardable keys. For the most part, it contains superfluous tags from major imports.

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answered 24 Jul '17, 15:30

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