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It's about this building:

My main goals for this building was to test 3D buildings and try to include the building as accurate as possible.

The problem now ist that the building does not render on maplink and I don't know why. It does show up on f4map ( ) even it's missing the name tag.

Any ideas?

asked 19 Jul '17, 21:15

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Could you give us a pointer to "maplink*?

(19 Jul '17, 22:38) SimonPoole ♦

This is probably a browser cache issue: I can see the building.

There is no need to use a relation for Simple 3d buildings. It is completely unnecessary as all the relevant information is already contained in the tags and geometries. The principal developers of the S3DB tagging are also authors of some of the visualisation tools (but not f4). They agreed some time ago that use of relations made data consumption more difficult for gains which were, at best, marginal. Consequently the use of relations is now deprecated (I.e., not recommended).

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answered 20 Jul '17, 10:16

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SK53 ♦
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For me, the link shows a +-shaped building outline but there is no darker shade filling the outline, as there is for nearby buildings.

(20 Jul '17, 12:10) dsh4

Try F5 or CTRL+F5 or CTRL+Shift+R in your browser.

(20 Jul '17, 12:23) scai ♦

No change.

(20 Jul '17, 15:25) dsh4

@SK53, on the Simple 3D wiki page it says "A relation tagged with type=building groups building outline and all building parts together. It is highly recommended to use the relation if there is at least one building part." Is this no longer accurate?

(20 Jul '17, 17:12) neuhausr

Discussion here I've never used a relation for S3DB mapping & never had problems.

(20 Jul '17, 17:37) SK53 ♦

@neuhausr should add the subforum really is where most critical discussion takes place.

(20 Jul '17, 17:38) SK53 ♦

@SK53 thanks. In the forum thread you linked to they discussed changing the Simple 3D wiki page, but apparently never got around to doing it? Maybe I'll give it a go.

(20 Jul '17, 17:49) neuhausr

I somewhat have to agree and disgree here. My first try was way less complicated, but it didn't show up on the map at all - for whatever reason. Simple 3D buildings on the says that the outline should be "a closed way or multipolygon tagged with building=*" and that "Building attributes (e.g., address, name, overall height, operator, etc.) must be tagged on the building outline." So in my opinion it is highly over complicated, but what the wiki says to do.

The building has to be split in two parts, because they don't look the same. It is like File:Minlevel.svg (again on the osm wiki). If S3DB would accept combined areas as building outline this could be done with one relation that includes the whole building. Moreover many of the 3D buildings in OSM which you can find as example use relations very heavily.

On the map itself, I kept a close look at it and it seemed like a maplink error. When you had the full zoom, the building wouldn't render correctly. If you zoomed out a little bit,the uilding was displayed correctly.

(10 Oct '17, 08:11) TBKMrt
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Hello, you actually have two multipolygons for this building,

relation #7367544 (which contains most of the structural details (but no name)). This area is not the whole outline of the building :-

and relation #7367542 (less detail but has the building name) This outline is of the whole building :-

I would imagine there must be a conflict as the details are spread over two relations. I would suggest removing one of the relations consolidating all information on the remaining relation.


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answered 20 Jul '17, 15:04

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There are even more relations here. The building is a relation, the outline is a relation, the part of the building that has a lower floor is a relation and the part of the building that only has an upper floor is a relation. I thought about having two areas for the building and one line on the outside. But then you wouldn't really be able to select the outline that easy. So I used ways which are connected to areas using a relation.

I did the best I could to follow the guidelines on, but I'm not really happy with the result since - in my opinion - it is highly overcomplicated.

A simple version of this building using just one relation to connect all the areas together and using both building part areas as outline resulted in an incorrect render (aka nothing showed up on the map).

(10 Oct '17, 08:17) TBKMrt

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