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Im using Mobile Atlas creator to compile map files to use for Garmin devices. It would seem that this is possibly unauthorized as some of the tiles are replaced with this: (now error 404 not found)

Could someone more knowledgeable let me know if this activity is permitted or not. If it is allowed is there a method of ensuring the full map is downloaded?

Many thanks.

asked 12 Jun '11, 21:00

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Mobile Atlas is one of a number of apps which 'scrape' tiles from the main OSM site. This tile scraping significantly degrades performance for mappers, and uses a very large proportion of resources (bandwidth, volunteer sysadmin's time, disk-space etc.). A particular problem is that they ask for many tiles at very high zoom levels which have not been previously rendered (largely because no one has ever looked at them).

So this activity is NOT permitted under the Tile Usage Policy. There are answers to similar questions elsewhere on this site.

If you want OpenStreetMap tiles to populate a Garmin device )presumably an Oregon or similar) there are several routes open to you:

  • Get tiles from a commercial provider such as Cloudmade
  • Obtain tiles from other sites which render OSM data (e.g., OpenMapQuest).
  • Render your own.

If you want a lot of detail then I would expect rendering them yourself is probably the best option. This requires Postgres, PostGIS and mapnik to be installed and configured, but it is not particularly difficult.

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answered 12 Jun '11, 21:33

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Thanks everyone for your quick responses. I wasn't aware I was doing anything wrong so have ceased using the MAC. Many thanks

(12 Jun '11, 22:06) brucebb

What the other folks are saying is that while you're an innocent user, this software is doing something which isn't allowed by us.

OSM is a relatively small project with limited resources. What this application is doing is screen scraping our web map and grabbing lots and lots of images, which it's then caching on your mobile device.

Once you hit the resource limits, the server stops serving you legit tiles (map images) and instead gives you the image you've posted.

You're an innocent, but what you can, and I think should do is go back to the mobile app creator and insist that they obey the rules, and set up their own tile server (they'll know what that means). I'd say until they do that, their product is defective, and while I can't tell you what to do, if I were you, if you paid anything for it, I'd return it and ask for my money back.

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answered 12 Jun '11, 21:52

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You get this message if you are downloading to many tiles. See the tile usage policy for more information. Try downloading a smaller area and with a lower resolution.

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answered 12 Jun '11, 21:33

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