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There is a footway linking level=2 of a multi-storey parking building to level=1 of a nearby building. The footway is elevated off the ground, as a bridge. The footway is tagged bridge=yes layer=1 highway=footway.

My question is, what level=* tags should this footway have?

I thought to set level=1 on the part of the way nearer the first building and level=2 on the part of the way nearer the second building. Would this be correct?

asked 12 Jul '17, 00:26

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IMHO the start and the end node of the bridge should get the level tag from the level they connect to (and likely an appropriate entrance tag). The layer tag would seem to be correct.

See SIT specification.

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answered 13 Jul '17, 08:01

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Thanks Simon, that's what I'll do.

(13 Jul '17, 18:18) dsh4

Hi, don’t tag a bridge with building levels. The way / bridge gets a layer because its crossing over something. But have a look at the bridge here, its 270 m above the ground that’s roughly 10 building levels but it only gets layer=1. Use level in or connected to buildings and floors and use layers for ways over each other. As pointed layer=1 could be sky high, but level=1 is only the first floor.

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answered 12 Jul '17, 13:36

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Thanks for your answer. I understand the difference between level and layer. The bridge is tagged layer=1, and that is correct (there is another highway under it...), but the bridge physically connects the 1st floor of one building with the 2nd floor of another building, and I'm asking how to tag the bridge to record what floors it connects.

To be clear: I think the bridge should be tagged with both layer and level. The former because it is above ground level and passes over other elements; the latter because it is connects two buildings.

(12 Jul '17, 20:40) dsh4

From the wiki:

When editing, the layer=* tag is used to describe vertical relationships between crossing or overlapping elements, e.g. a bridge over a street.

For describing different floors within a building or multilevel parking decks use level=*.

(13 Jul '17, 17:01) FredrikLindseth

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