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Hi, I got the following error message at start of the renderd service.
An error occurred while loading the map layer 'ajt': basic_string::_M_construct null not valid

I followed the following guide to build my local tile server: switch2osm tile server 16 04 02
I did then combined 4 pbf file into one with osmosis command

asked 10 Jul '17, 16:43

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That looks like there's a problem with the style file. What style are you using? Could you post the full renderd startup information in a gist or other online document and link to it here?

The problem might be any one of a number of issues, so people would need to know what OS you were running on, what version, and any other customisations. Did it use to work and has it stopped following a database reload?

(10 Jul '17, 17:46) SomeoneElse ♦

I use the style "openstreetmap-carto" from the tutorial. I only noticed it after I imported data from several map files. The map rendering became unstable. Some parts of the map won't rendering properly. I read too the apache error log, there was written that I have sometimes no permission to the socket file of renderd.

I can tell more details tomorrow.

(10 Jul '17, 18:44) DeimosOmegaChan

I use Ubuntu 16.04.

(11 Jul '17, 11:22) DeimosOmegaChan

I solved the problem by deleting the ajt directory after importing data into the database from the combined file.
I have then restarted renderd server.

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answered 11 Jul '17, 11:23

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edited 11 Jul '17, 11:23

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