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Hi, I am a physiotherapist working on a project to map or tag Spinal Cord Injury Centres in areas that are at high risk of a natural disaster. Can 'Spinal Cord Injury Centres' be made an official attribute of OSM? These are not hospitals but rather rehabilitation centres. If so, I would like to map centres across Asia and Central America.

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Thank you so much for your help. Can you please help me understand how the following two rehabilitation centres have been tagged already? Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre, Nepal (just the name, but not a tag?) and Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Tanzania. Both are places where people can receive spinal cord injury rehabilitation and I would like to map/tag other similar centres.

If I was to tag them using the healthcare specialities proposed features, I would do: health_facility:rehabilitation. Is that correct?

I would actually like to specify that they treat spinal cord injury patients, so could I do health_facility:rehabilitation_spinalcordinjury?

(07 Jul '17, 22:45) abilearning

I've updated my answer.

(08 Jul '17, 10:30) SimonPoole ♦

While the answers from rorym and SomeoneElse are correct, there is already a reasonable body of attributes/tags available for healthcare specialities that could, if necessary be expanded to cater for your specific subject.

Note that you should probably use the above together with amenity=clinic for best results.

I've had a look at the two examples you mentioned:

  • Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre, Nepal seems to be mapped as a bus stop (which naturally may actually exist), in any case there doesn't seem to be a node or building outline with corresponding tagging.
  • Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Tanzania is tagged as a generic hospital

Note on the side: you can turn on the data layer or use the query tool (? button) on to see the actual tagging of the objects.

As has already been said, there isn't a good formal definition for "correct tagging" in OSM, my take would be that you can retrieve the relevant objects with good results with a query (for example with ) for use in a custom map rendering or other use (you are unlikely to query bus stops to find medical clinics for example :-)). This implies that whicle there can be some variation in tagging, there shouldn't be too much.

As to tagging, I would suggest using



healthcare:speciality=whatever the medical term is

Fixed value attributes should be lower case, spaces replaced by underscores.

Note: there is a general issue with multiple values for an attribute, currently the best solution is to add separate nodes with the appropriate tagging.

More information on current in use tagging can be found with taginfo, see for example:

And a smaple overpass-turbo quesry for good measure

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The broader field for rehabilitation is physiatry, not sure whether there is a further specialization.

(08 Jul '17, 14:22) maxerickson

Hi, thanks for your interest. OSM doesn't have "official tags". There are many tags which are used a lot and are documented a lot, but you are completely free to use any tags you like. It's a good idea for people who add things to OSM and people who use OSM, to come to an agreement about what tags mean what, so people will know what you mean. So you should do this.

I don't know a lot about medical things in OSM, but there's a suggested healthcare tagging scheme which might be useful for you. Perhaps have a look at that, and see if what you want to map would fall under that.

Tagging presets are done on a per-editor basis. For iD (the default web editor), I think you have to open an issue on their issue tracker. For JOSM, the desktop advanced editor, you can customise the presets used.

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answered 07 Jul '17, 12:28

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OSM doesn't have "official" attributes. You can use taginfo to see what people have used to map things in the past, and if you're aware of existing facilities in OSM you can see what they have been mapped as. The wiki may also have useful information.

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answered 07 Jul '17, 12:25

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