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I must be doing/understanding something the wrong way because for some types of buildings (namely: swimming pools, libraries and museums), if I draw a polygon and then give it the corresponding amenity + a name, the name only is displayed, not the polygon.

For schools and sports center it's working fine.

examples can be found here : (Piscine Helios in Charleroi) (Bibliothèque Rimbaud, note how the school building is displayed but not the Library's and how the Library's name can be displayed either by assigning a name to the polygon or by adding another node)

So far I've got around the problem by defining the polygon as a "building" and adding a simple node with the desired amenity (see , Musée de la Photographie and again note that the sport center just beside is ok).

But I've the impression that it's not the intended way to do things.

Any ideas ?

Many thanks


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You need to tag all buildings with building tag. When mapping schools then amenity=school can be used in three ways: by using a node for school, by using an area to mark only one school building and for areas around school buildings. Because there is no way to distinguish whether the area you tagged as amenity=school is a single school building or an area containing many school buildings then you need to add building=school tag for school buildings.

Same goes for sport centres, swimming pools, museums and many other things.

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Thanks, indeed having amenity=library and building=yes (building=library works too) for a library makes the polygon appears on the map. But why is it that for some type of amenity, only having amenity=... is enough to have the polygon appear on the map (no need to add building=yes)? e.g. sport centers ?

And is it possible in potlach2 to add amenity=... and buidling=yes without using the advanced editor ?

(13 Jun '11, 11:17) Chninkel

Currently it is not possible to add both building and amenity tag in potlatch2 without using advanced mode.

Whether area tagged with only amenity tag is rendered or not mostly follows a simple rule: If that amenity can exist without building then it gets rendered, if it can't than it won't get rendered. For example try to imagine a library without a building.

Even if your amenity gets rendered without building tag, you still should add building tag to it if it is a building. Otherwise there is no way to know whether there is a building or not.

(13 Jun '11, 17:43) RM87

OK, it totally makes sense, thanks a lot :-)

(13 Jun '11, 21:07) Chninkel

Also, a library might exist within a larger building, but a school building may exist on a school campus.

(13 Jun '11, 23:50) c2r

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