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I am a real beginner and would like to add a location to an existing map of the City of Pittsburgh.

asked 11 Jun '11, 19:11

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Lizabeth Gray
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SK53 ♦


We could do with a bit more information in order to answer your question: What sort of location? (name of a residential area, a street, a shop, a school, a restaurant, a building (and a bit more flippantly, a post box, a fire hydrant) : all of these get mapped in OSM); Whereabouts in Pittsburgh? (you can use the permalink on the bottom right corner of the map to get a link to a given map view); What sort of information do you want to add about the location?

(11 Jun '11, 19:20) SK53 ♦

I need to add the David L. Lawrence convention center to the city of Pittsburgh. This is a public building located at 1000 Duquesne Blvd.

(11 Jun '11, 23:08) Lizabeth Gray

To be honest many of the terms baffle me as a non programmer.

(11 Jun '11, 23:10) Lizabeth Gray

That'd be somewhere here then I guess?:

If you click that, and then the "edit" tab up at the top-left of the map, you should be taken into the on-line editor, with Bing aerial data as a background. If you know which one of the buildings on Duquesne Blvd is the convention center, then you can add it by dragging an icon onto the map.

(11 Jun '11, 23:54) SomeoneElse ♦

Also, there's a video available inside the editor - click "help" (over at the top right) then the "introduction" tab of the window that appears in the middle of the screen and then the "play" button at the bottom left of that window.

(11 Jun '11, 23:55) SomeoneElse ♦

You may have already read it, but just in case not - there's a beginner's guide in the OSM wiki that contains a whole bunch of links about how to start.

permanent link

answered 11 Jun '11, 22:45

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SomeoneElse ♦
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This is my second day in the land of mapping which I am totally amazed and bewildered by. To say what you guys do is impressive is a serious understatement.

Unfortunately I'm a little baffled by some of the terms and therefore lost before I begin. Can see this is going to become a new addiction.

(11 Jun '11, 23:14) Lizabeth Gray

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