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How do I find highways, could be of any type i.e. secondary, tertiary etc., which are beside a water body or which are beside green places or mountain roads.

asked 30 Jun '17, 13:56

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Ones Infinite
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"mountain roads" is a little vague, and I don't think roads are tagged like that in OSM. Likewise what exactly do you mean by "green areas"?

Some idea:

  • I'm not really aware of a general way to do this, you might be able to do it with some PostGIS querying. Import the data with osm2pgsql then do some spatial analyze.
  • Use Overpass Turbo to find all waterbodies, and then just "eyeball" it to find roads that are interesting to you.
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answered 03 Jul '17, 14:44

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+1 for finding water bodies and looking for roads nearby... By green areas, I mean roads beside forests, gardens with trees, plants etc. And these roads should be as wide so that a car would be easily driven on them. Any specific tags for locating such areas?

(04 Jul '17, 02:30) Ones Infinite

take a look at the wiki page for highway, anything that is not "a path" should be OK for cars. Please note that you might also have to take surface etc into account, because some roads/tracks are only accessible with a 4x4.

(04 Jul '17, 04:48) escada

@escada and what would be the tag for green areas?

(04 Jul '17, 04:57) Ones Infinite

landuse=forest, leisure=park, leisure=garden, natural=tree_row, landuse=orchard, natural=scrub, ... Please take a look at the wiki, especially the page listing the "main" features

(04 Jul '17, 07:43) escada

I am not aware of a general way to find roads near water bodies or beside or in mountainous areas. However if I were looking for roads of that nature, I'd likely be looking for them as a scenic way to travel. Based on that, you might be able to search for roads with the scenic tag on them. That said, I know of a number of highways around my area that are officially signed as scenic roads but are not tagged as such in OSM. (I guess one of these days I need to drive them and note the exact extent of the official scenic signage and then tag them in OSM.)

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answered 30 Jun '17, 16:04

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@stf Any other way, any trick to sort of find something close to what I'm looking for here?

(02 Jul '17, 12:44) Ones Infinite
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