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Hi all,

I'm currently struggling with the export of address data, checked already a bunch of discussions about here, but still found no solution...

Use case: I need a bunch/huge set of addresses per country with lat, lon, country, city, street and optionally housenumber. Important is, that lat/lon is nearly matching to the address/street for geo selection demo content.

So I tried with a small test pbf (Liechtenstein) osmconvert:

osmconvert %1.clean.o5m --all-to-nodes --csv="@id @lat @lon addr:country addr:postcode addr:city addr:street addr:housenumber amenity" --csv-headline --csv-separator=";" -o=%1.csv

Fine. After filtering in excel (sufficient in this case) the blank/incomplete entries it's what I'm looking for.

Next I've tried osmfilter with goal to remove exactly the same incomplete entries (of course, before I run osmconvert): osmfilter %1.o5m --keep="addr:country= and addr:city= and addr:street=" --ignore-dependencies --drop-relations --drop-ways -o=%1.clean.o5m

Afterwards I compared the results:

  • osmconvert and manual filtering with excel: 91 records
  • osmfilter and osmconvert: 26 records


  • Why are the results different? What does osmfilter suppress additionally? Can I use it just to suppress the empty/incomplete entries?
  • 91 complete addresses is looking litte bit less for me for Liechtenstein. How can I get as much as possible valid geocode + address information like described above?
  • Is an alternative public address data set with lon, lat, country, city..., cleaned-up and best in csv format, already available?

Thanks for support,



asked 28 Jun '17, 13:48

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I only find 75 with Overpass Turbo I suspect demanding addr:country (and even addr:city) are likely to reduce the data returned significantly. Both can often be deduced from location.

(28 Jun '17, 14:36) SK53 ♦

There are two issues you are running in to

Additional data on the later point: we currently have roughly half of all addresses mapped in CH, and very high coverage in AT (mostly imports there). LI simply suffers from being small and slightly away from the larger centers.

permanent link

answered 28 Jun '17, 23:38

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SimonPoole ♦
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Thanks for your reply! Tested it in meanwhile with Germany, w/o country code filtering --> address quality and quantity is sufficient after clean-up, used extraction w/o osmfilter.

(06 Jul '17, 11:59) joho68

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