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So I'm adding a fitness center that has multiple buildings. I would like the buildings to share the same info and be recognized as one place. Would I do this via multipolygon? Thanks in advance

asked 26 Jun '17, 02:50

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If you can draw a polygon around them, put all the info on the polygon. If the buildings are spread out and there are other buildings between them or highways or other features, you can put all the buildings in a site-relation. However, there are almost no data consumers that support the site relation at this moment.

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answered 26 Jun '17, 04:04

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Site relation is the right answer here. Drawing a polygon around everything and tagging that doesn't make any sense. You'd have a polygon that might have a name or opening times or so but isn't tagged as anything.

(26 Jun '17, 06:41) Jochen Topf

depends on whether the area between the buildings also belong to the fitness center or not. I can imagine that in some cases there is a garden with some paths between the different buildings where the garden also belongs to the fitness center.

(26 Jun '17, 12:07) escada

The documentation for the site wiki page you linked to suggest multipolygon should perhaps be used: "However, this relation is not to be used in cases where the elements are inside one or more areas where the perimeter can be tagged with an appropriate Area area tag." - followed by examples involving multiple dispersed buildings. If the buildings are close though then the amenity could apply to the whole area and the buildings just be buildings within the area (as per school tagging) and no relation would be needed.

(26 Jun '17, 12:31) EdLoach ♦

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