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I use iD browser to work in OSM but it seems to be that you cannot enter directy gps coordinates into the id browser. It only works by uploading tracks/waypoints. Is that correct or do i overlook something?

Normally i upload tracks and based on these tracks I make changes or add elements in OSM. Sometimes the exact position of an element is not clear and I use google earth or other sources because of the better resolution/projection etc. My question is how to put the gps coordinates from other sources directly into the id browser (without the need to upload gpx files) to project them in OSM to built further on. Thnx, RDTracker

asked 20 Jun '17, 10:29

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Hi @RDTracker, iD does not support direct editing of point coordinates. Here is a ticket that explains why:

The main reason is to prevent people from accidentally (or intentionally) creating areas or lines that span huge areas of the map.

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answered 21 Jun '17, 15:02

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Hi Bhousel,Thnx for your comment! I agree that using consumer gps devices can be inaccurate and therefore cross check with other approved sources is needed if the maps doesn't clarify this. The coordinates are just for supporting accurate mapping but never can be the only source.

(21 Jun '17, 16:42) RDTracker

@RDTracker, I forgot to mention - if you press ⌘i or Ctrl+i, you can bring up an info box that will give you the exact coordinates of whatever object you have selected. So with that info box open, you can create a point and drag it exactly to the coordinates that you want.

(28 Jun '17, 04:04) bhousel

Hi Bhousel, This is exactly what I need and of great help if you want to map some objects that I have recorded with my Garmin GPS (average waypoints for high accuracy)in woods etc. where you don't have any or limited help from satalite pictures/air pictures etc within OSM because the aerea is covered with trees. Great tnhx!

(28 Jun '17, 13:27) RDTracker
  1. google earth is not a legit source for OpenStreetMap you risk having (all) your edits deleted by using it. This was pointed out to you on sign up and you agreed to not use sources that are not suitable.
  2. iD currently does not support entering coordinates directly, you can open a request for that on the iD issue tracker
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answered 20 Jun '17, 11:12

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thnx Simon for the reminder..

(20 Jun '17, 16:07) RDTracker

Hi RDTracker,

I just found in JOSM (german) the menu item "Werkzeuge" -> "Punkt hinzufügen ..." were you can enter GPS coordinates.

In the english locale this is "Tools" -> "Add Node ...".

Cheers, Thomas

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answered 22 Jul '17, 14:13

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Thomas Brixel
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Hi Thomas, Thnx for you're comment but I the question is related to iD and not JOSM. In iD you cannot enter coordinates directly. But nevertheless it is usefull because i like to start working with JOSM in near future. The solution from Bhousel (see above) works perfect for me.

(22 Jul '17, 16:33) RDTracker

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