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Can I build something similar to the openPOImap for myself? I want to show a map that will only display certain things, similar to how in openPOImap is allowing users to choose one of the amenities. I basically want to show important infrastructure elements on the map such as roads, railways, schools, hospitals, police, post offices, etc.

I want to be able to query the OSM data similar to how openPOImap is doing from Overpass Turbo. I am certain that I won't need to query too much data at a time so I won't put too much pressure on the server.

It'd be great If anyone could guide me on how where I should begin. I have some experience with Javascript Programming and web development. I already have an app where I have used downloaded data (from OSM in kml or geoJSON format) and tried displaying them on a plain map using Google Maps API. Google maps API is very restrictive so I'd like to build something like the openPOImap, but at the end I'd like to display this data on top of a plain Google Maps. I need to have Google maps because I have another database with spatial points and features that I need to display on the map too.

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While bulding it from scratch is not too difficult, if you simply want the ability to show the results of an OverPass API query on a map, you can do that (for example) with umap.

If you want to roll your own, you should have a look at leaflet or OpenLayers

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answered 19 Jun '17, 07:38

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