In osm. I can map building with tag building = residential also can map Residential way with tag landuse = residential but how to map The building belongs to residential? I thought of a way map the building with operator = 'xxxx'. But it does not seem right

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A residential way (or street/road) is never mapped as landuse=residential, a street is mapped with the highway key. While many residential roads will be mapped with highway=residential, other values such as living_street are also likely. But in many cases, such roads can also be primary or secondary roads in the road network.

A residential building can also be mapped as building=house, apartments, etc. See wiki page on buildings.

I'm not sure what you mean with "Building belongs to residential". A street will (in the Western world) have an name. The building (or just a node inside the building) will have an addr:street tag. This "connects" the two. Is this what you want ?

If you want to "connect" the building with the landuse=residential (i.e. an area in which most buildings are for living), this is accomplished by the spatial relationship (building inside the landuse), so you do not need another construct for this.

Some people use the associatedStreet or street relations to connect buildings with streets, but others find this a bad things to do.

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