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Hi, is a Smartphone App based on Openstreetmap. If I search the for the german word 'Schutzhütte' all safety-houses in the area appear. If I do this inside I can't find any houses. They're on the map, but I can't search for them. I can't even search for shelter.

What to do? Is this my fault? Do I have to change the way I searched?

Thanks for helping!

asked 03 Jun '17, 08:35

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First of all, if you go to, it will and should redirect you to

I just searched "Schutzhütte" in and it returned a lot of results. Here is my search link:

Are you sure you are on the right page? Can you give a screenshot of the page and where you are searching ?

permanent link

answered 03 Jun '17, 16:44

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Some background information about why this works: "Schutzhütte" is contained in the German list of special phrases and is translated to the tag amenity=shelter.

(06 Jun '17, 08:35) scai ♦

It seems like Nominatim is only returning results where the name is mis-tagged for the renderer as "Schutzhütte". I can't see any where it could be using the special phrase.

(06 Jun '17, 16:46) alester

the first one from this query does not have a name tag containing "Schutzhütte" I think.

(06 Jun '17, 16:53) escada

You're right, using one of the special phrases like "Schutzhütte in" or "Schutzhütte im" seems to work, but if you search only for "Schutzhütte", the results are objects with that as the name.

(06 Jun '17, 17:00) alester

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