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Hi. I'm quite new to the OpenStreeMap community, and I'm still learning my way around potlatch. I recently added a golf course to the map. Initially, every detail that I had mapped out eventually rendered and showed up in mapnik. Later, I learned about multipolygons, and I linked every bit of the golf course to eachother using a relation. I think I was successful at doing this, but had the unexpected result of having the name of the golf course printed on every little bit of grass that I had mapped. This looked pretty bad on the map, so I removed the relation that I had created on every polygon. Now, only a portion of the golf course is rendered in mapnik, and I'm not sure why. I've waited a couple days to see if it gets redrawn, but every time I check, there's less and less of the course remaining. Anybody have any suggestions?

(Side question -- When defining multiploygon relationships, is there a way to set up the relationship so that the name of the feature is only displayed over one of the polygons?)

asked 09 Jun '11, 06:47

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I think you've been confusing a few different concepts, but without a link to the area that you are discussing it's hard to investigate.

Relations are used for many different things. Their use as multipolygons is for the situation where a given feature's geometry can't be described with just one line (way). So a forest with a hole in it would be described using two ways - one inner, one outer - joined by a multipolygon relation. But a fairway and a clubhouse are two separate things, and so wouldn't be part of the same multipolygon.

You may have also fallen into the trap of trying to "link" together all the different parts of a course just for the sake of indicating they are part of the same course. This is unnecessary - all the features have coordinates, and so it is easy to detect, for example, which bunkers belong to which course by detecting which lie within the perimeter of the course. You can add all the individual features, and a perimeter of the course and name that feature and that's it.

Finally, your issues with rendering are impossible to diagnose without further details. Sometimes the rendering is delayed, and you can find similar questions on this topic.

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answered 09 Jun '11, 09:19

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Andy Allan
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A quick search through namannik's edit history suggests this way is one of a number that aren't rendering - - I have tried flagging various tiles as dirty after checking status before and after to check they have rerendered, but that hasn't seemed to help.

(09 Jun '11, 09:37) EdLoach ♦

In mapping this golf course you have mapped the more prominent features: fairways, greens etc, but not the main outline of the golf course which would include not just rough but trees and other plantings up to the boundaries of the residential properties which back onto the golf course. This has meant that you have a very large number of ways which belong to the golf course (and hence the relation issue), when many of these are best mapped with the widely used golf tags: golf=bunker, golf=green, golf=fairway, golf=tee and golf=hole. So I would recommend using a more inclusive boundary for the golf course as a whole, and using the golf-specific tags for obvious features visible in the aerial imagery.

There are some detailed discussions about mapping the 'country club' type layout with a golf course in the middle on the OSM Forum.

Also check Richard Weait's blog about golf course mapping.

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answered 09 Jun '11, 17:14

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Thanks to both of you for the tips. I'll definitely check out the info about mapping out golf courses.

I had meant to include a link to the golf course in my original post, but it slipped my mind. Here it is:

(09 Jun '11, 17:37) namannik

By the way, as of now December 2012, Richard Weait's blog website - at - seems to be no longer active...

PS A presentation from him about OSM : and a video with him :

(30 Nov '12, 11:32) Pascal Boule...

One additional thing: there is a golf course-specific rendering on ItoMap, which is a good check on whether your tagging is correct (and I like the GC rendering more than the default Mapnik):

(30 Nov '12, 15:32) neuhausr

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