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Hi - I've recently caught the OSM bug and wanted to check some details.

There are a few private gardens and the seem to be tagged differently and I wanted to check/find out the best method.

example1 - Here the garden is tagged as an area but lacks the barrier tag

example2 - Here the garden is not tagged as an area but has the barrier tag also applied. However, in JOSM it only shows the barrier and not the garden tags (unless I'm missing something obvious!)

What is the preferred method to map&tag so the garden is tagged with barrier?

asked 02 Jun '17, 10:32

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in Josm use the middle mouse button to cycle through the overlaying polygons to see which tags each polygon has. The second example has a second polygon drawn over the first using the same nodes.

See 'overlapping ways' on this page

(02 Jun '17, 16:31) nevw

If you're using iD, you can select a node, then press "\" to cycle through the ways that share that node. In Potlatch, the key is "/" :)

(02 Jun '17, 16:48) neuhausr

There is no requirement for anyone to add all detail that exists. That is, one is free to tag a garden and tag or not tag the fence that surrounds it (or vice versa).

As to the correct tagging if you want to map a garden that is bounded by a fence, you could:

  1. draw one way, and add both leisure=garden and barrier=fence tags to that way
  2. draw two overlapping ways, adding leisure=garden to one, and barrier=fence to the other

I've seen both methods used. With either method, a small gate or entrance can be tagged on one of the nodes (with barrier=entrance, barrier=gate, etc). If the fence does not completely surround the garden, or there is a large gap in it, the second method (separate ways) is probably best.

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answered 02 Jun '17, 14:43

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