I've updated the Standard map layer in my neighborhood where I live, but when I view the Cycle Map, Transport Map, or Humanitarian layer I see the street I deleted still showing up as I scroll through the different zoom levels. i.e. 20M/50 ft visible, 30M/100ft visible, 50M/300ft visible, 100M/500ft visible, 300M/1000ft visible, 500M/2000ft visible, 1KM/3000ft visible. Have I done something wrong? If not, is there a fix, I'm hoping to fly x-plane 11 with the new scenery. When I download the new OSM data for x-plane via Ortho4XP the change doesn't show, even though it's there when I go to modify it in standard mode.

asked 19 May '17, 20:34

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The other maps use the updated data but don't update so often. I guess it's simpler for them to check for changes less often.

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answered 19 May '17, 21:47

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Thanks for the answer, what a shame, I put in 15 Hours on correcting streets, and the street that runs through my house still does. Any way to force a update? I was so excited to be able to help, and now the wind has been knocked out of me.

(22 May '17, 17:37) nobleg

@nobleg your edits are really useful even though the other layers do not update as quickly as the standard layer. The layers you mention are only a few of the thousands of renderings that are out there, made by various groups. Each makes there own decisions on how they will allocate computing resources, and how often they will update their rendering.

One of the great things about OSM is that the database that has all the map data can be downloaded by anyone and, as long as credit is maintained to the OSM contributers, anyone can process it how they see fit.

I get a good feeling when I see the edits I've made become visible on the standard layer, but as long as my edits are improving the underlying data it doesn't make a big difference if they go live in 5 min or a week. Either way I'm improving the underlying data, and it'll come through to the users.

(22 May '17, 18:49) keithonearth

@nobleg You appear to be confusing the contents of the OSM database (which is our primary product) with the various renderings out there. The Standard map layer usually renders updates within a few minutes, while i.e. the Cycle Map only renders them every few days. I'm not familiar with Ortho4XP or how it works, but such sites typically copy our data once a week or month or whatever is suitable for them, for processing. You basically can't expect changes to the OSM database to be reflected everywhere immediately. In some cases you will have to wait quite some time for it to happen.

(24 May '17, 20:45) Hjart
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