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What is the coverage of Bing satellite images that can now be used for tracing? I have just looked at an area in Malaysia and the resolution/detail of satellite images is very low. The images are only available at a "zoomed out level". Why is this happening?

asked 07 Jun '11, 18:08

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andy mackey
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Be aware that Bing did not take that satellite photos self, they have to buy the pictures by the real providers. Unfortunately there might be some areas in the world where Bing does not have acquired the picture material. So there can be no pictures at high resolution.

Look at Bing coverage for details.

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answered 07 Jun '11, 18:28

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thanks for the link to bing coverage I had not read that before, the image in Alor Setar Malaysia looked good enough to zoom further but wouldn't. we are lucky in cambs UK images are excellent

(08 Jun '11, 10:55) andy mackey

You can 'permalink' to the bing imagery analayzer, so here is the area of Malaysia in bing coverage analayser .

It's quite a weird tool because it shows information about coverage (red and green colours) only where somebody has visited, zoomed right in, and then panned around, to allow the tool to discover the coverage status. When viewing zoomed out, you should try to ignore the odd shapes and stripes you're seeing, and pay attention to areas of colour they are revealing.

(08 Jun '11, 13:28) Harry Wood

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