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I am a Newbie. I've been doing some path adding to the Portishead area in the UK. I noticed in passing that the Marina area in Portishead [Portishead Marina (26730520)] was tagged as 'lake' which felt wrong given that there is a 'marina' tag. However the Marina tag means the area renders as grey rather than blue, which feels wrong too. I have left it as 'marina' but wonder if that is correct? Thanks


asked 07 Jun '11, 15:49

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I suggest you take the coastline into the marina, but keep the boundary where it is (coastline changes take longer to show up in the mapnik rendering, up to some weeks).

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answered 07 Jun '11, 23:15

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Thanks Dieterdreist and Andy_Mackey, I think both solutions are great and make sense. I've gone for pulling the coast into the Marina as that seems to be the most common practice that I saw looking at other coastal Marinas. Although happy to swap if people feel the basin solution is more appropiate.

(08 Jun '11, 09:25) greenleaf

I think this is a wrong suggestion. Coastlines are meant to be natural & tidal. This marina is neither (it has lock gates). Also to suggest keeping the marina boundary means that there are two areas water on top of each other! Please don't tag incorrectly to suit the render.

(08 Jun '11, 12:03) DaveF

Where do you get this from? Coastlines are even used for big lakes. The wiki ( ) has remarks for usage on non tidal waters, but the lock gates IMHO indicate that here are indeed tidal waters. I also don't think that a marina is necessarily a water area, instead it usually will have parts in the water and parts on land. The leisure=marina tag is about usage / function, not a physical tag (but it might have physical implications, agreed).

(09 Jun '11, 11:48) dieterdreist

Please read the Tidal_position & Related tags sections of that page. _The lock gates are a barrier to the tide. The change of use for the marina tag is the source of the OP's problem. Disappointingly, those that decided (via IRC) to change it failed to propose an adequate alternative for the water/boat mooring part.___ Also disappointing, considering the length of time you've been mapping, is your suggestion to map two areas of water overlaid, due to the renderer being a bit sluggish.

(12 Jun '11, 14:23) DaveF

Can you please explain what you mean by "two areas of water overlapping"? I am not aware of any decisions taken in IRC. I read the "Tidal_position"-part of this page and still fail to understand what you want. If you don't want to tag it as coastline, tag the water parts with natural=water.

(12 Jun '11, 17:25) dieterdreist

Please take this to the tagging list. As per the FAQ: "This is a question and answer site - it is not a discussion group. Please avoid holding debates in your answers as they tend to dilute the essence of questions and answers. For brief discussions please use the commenting facility."

(12 Jun '11, 17:33) Richard ♦
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You can read more specific information about the tagging of a marina in the OSM wiki.

There are also some hints whethet the land elements or the water elements should be tagged with the marina key.

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answered 07 Jun '11, 17:10

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I'm afraid I'm still not sure what the most useful thing to do is. Reading the OSM wiki 'marina' leaves me (as the newbie I am) a bit confused. 'marina' seems to be the right thing, it is after all a marina. 'marina' as described seems to need to include the the other land based facilities - which makes sense too.

[As it happens I don't know what the extent of the land based area is, not having a boat I've not needed to, but will happily go find out next time I'm there.]

However I'm not clear how to add where the water is? As it doesn't seem to be "natural=water(for a marina in a lake)" because it is largely an artifical marina (and isn't in a lake) nor is it "waterway=riverbank (for a marina alongside a river)" as it's not in a river.

As a newbie I'm kinda asking what I should do. Perhaps I should put it back the way it was (lake) and leave it for someone more experienced to sort out?

I'm certainly a bit unhappy as it is (the water area rendered in grey) as there is no indication that there is a body of water there. I realise from the wiki page there has been some debate about the term, but being new I don't really want to have to find my way around that. I'm just wanting to be useful. Adding some missing paths is where I was at and they seem relatively simple :-)


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answered 07 Jun '11, 20:44

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I've just looked at potishead marina and I agree that it looks wrong as you say, but I tried basin for the water and that seems better I didn't save, do you think this works ok

(07 Jun '11, 22:31) andy mackey

Thanks Andy - I agree that is a good solution. I guess it would work to use 'basin' and type 'retention'. I had a look around at other coastal marinas and the general practice I saw seems to be to do as dieterdreist and pull the coastline into the Marina (see reply below).

(08 Jun '11, 09:21) greenleaf

good, as you and I have found searching the map reveals in the nominatim examples of others mappers solutions

(08 Jun '11, 10:48) andy mackey

I find it a bit disappointing the usage & render for marina got amended without a specific replacement tag for the water area being agreed. If you take a look a bit further North at Avonmouth there are two alternatives - natural=water & waterway=dock. Neither a 100% solution, but much better than coastline.

(08 Jun '11, 12:43) DaveF

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