I was hoping someone could help me with reverting the roughly 60 changesets created by user boozyjenkins. I have tried reverting the changesets myself, but due to other edits on top of the bad edits, I've not been able to resolve the conflicts.

One edit where a retail area was tagged as an airport apron was already reverted by another local user at my request. The other edits draw over already existing parks and delete residential landuses among other deletions.

After googling the user name, the user seems to be involved with Pokemon Go, so I assume those are the reasons for the edits. As such I'm hesitant to contact them directly, in case I remind them that OSM exists again.



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why didn't you send an email to the data working group? http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Data_working_group

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For completeness I'd suggest reading the "I've seen a problem; what should I do?" section of http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Data_Working_Group .

In this particular case from looking at changeset discussion comments it looks like no-one tried to point out problems with their editing at the time, at which point correcting any issues would have been much easier. I can understand the "in case I remind them that OSM exists again" argument, but here they appear to have been dipping in and out of OSM throughout the year, so it doesn't really apply here.

Also, recent changesets don't look like fantasy mapping (a recent water area definitely looks like water on the imagery, for example) so the DWG would need details of what was problematical from back in May.

  • Andy (DWG member).
(11 Dec '17, 17:54) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi, I did contact the DWG, but the person I emailed didn't want to get involved as he thought some changes were positive. Some are, others seem that way but just draw over existing features. I gave up mapping in more detail in that area because I tried correcting the landuses but it is very tedious to undo and redo everything manually. I did send the user a message, but never got a reply. I haven't looked at what he has done recently - maybe he figured out how to map properly. Also, this question is over 6 months old?

ETA: I just checked and he seems to have taken my request to be more specific in the changeset comments to heart :) And they seem like proper additions to the map now.

(12 Dec '17, 12:09) lukas64
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