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Dear editors of the openstreetmaps. Some places in the world have had a proper name for thousands of years. In the recent years lobbing and greed has changed the common sense of decent people. One incident here is the name of the Persian Gulf has been changed on your map to Arabian gulf. Arabian gulf is the creation of racism, hate and greed of a group of people who pay organizations such as yourself to change the rightful names of places to the greed and hate of these groups without any supporting evidence from international courts. Please correct this mistake and do not support hate and racism in the future. Thanks.

asked 05 May '17, 02:48

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SimonPoole ♦


Could you provide a link or other pointer to where you saw the offending name displayed?

(05 May '17, 09:16) SimonPoole ♦

As far as I can see, Persian Gulf is called Persian Gulf in OSM in all the languages I can read (and in those I can paste into GTranslate as well):

(05 May '17, 10:05) Piskvor

With the exception of some vandalism 3 months ago it seems as if it has always had the name field "Persian Gulf"

(05 May '17, 11:34) SimonPoole ♦

Hi. There seems to be some confusion here. The app in their app refers to this body of water as Arabic gulf when it should be Persian Gulf. They said your maps are what they are using.but I looked on you maps and there is no name at all. Just a reference point to the location when you search. I will wait for more info from to see if it is something they have done and not openstreetmaps. I do apologies for the confusion.

(05 May '17, 12:12) Rouzbeh11

@Rousbeh11 you may simply have a map from that was generated in the short period the it was actually vandalised, you should likely update or ask to update.

(05 May '17, 12:28) SimonPoole ♦
(05 May '17, 13:42) nevw

why is the name is arabic gulf? the real name is persian gulf please correct this i wanted to change but i couldn't

(08 Dec '21, 15:10) yeganehaym its name is correct now (Persian Gulf) but there are many fake tags. i usually not using osm and i don't know how to change tags. please anyone who knows that, delete all fake tags and names. this body of water was Persian Gulf for thousands of years and will remain Persian Gulf for another thousands of year.

(30 Apr '22, 13:42) adsfzxcv
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Border dispute" by SimonPoole 08 Dec '21, 17:14

For other readers, a bit of background regarding the naming dispute from a wikipedia article

permanent link

answered 05 May '17, 03:28

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edited 05 May '17, 03:31

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