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Similar to this question I am also having windows installation problems. I am using osmosis-0.39 and I have installed JRE, but when I run the batch file, it runs through some lines of code and then closes.

When I run the batch file in cmd, it looks like everything has run, "org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis run, INFO: Total execution time: 562 milliseconds." but then what do I do?

This might be an absolutely obvious questions, but where am I actually writing the java commands into?

Sorry for such basic questions?

asked 07 Jun '11, 11:16

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Nat Evatt
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Harry Wood

I think if you just run 'osmosis' while in the bin directory then it will start up (via the bat file), think about all the exciting tasks you given it (none whatsoever), and then report that it's finished. That's what you're seeing.

so try doing something like

osmosis --read-xml C:\files\input.osm --write-xml C:\files\output.osm

So now it's reading (trying to) and input file and writing an output file (.osm formatted XML) without doing anything in between (bit boring, but it should work)

Notice that I've specified paths in full. Kind of ugly perhaps. Another way of doing it would be to cd to the location where your planet files are and then specify the path to osmosis in full:

cd c:\files
C:\Progra~1\osmosis\bin\osmosis --read-xml input.osm --write-xml output.osm

Still pretty ugly perhaps, but you could put this in another bat file alongside your OSM files (a bat file calling a bat file) Command line params appearing after the word osmosis are fed through to the bat file in your osmosis installation and I think little '%*' at the very end of that script, means your params (the specification of tasks etc) get fed into the osmosis java code.

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answered 07 Jun '11, 18:58

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Harry Wood
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Brilliant! Thank Harry.

(13 Jun '11, 17:59) Nat Evatt

osmosis is a bat file itself so call it with a CALL command to prevent closing after execution.

CALL osmosis
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answered 01 Dec '16, 19:23

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