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There is an outdoor museum or exhibit called "Energy Equipment Exhibit". It has plaques explaining a brief history of each piece of retired heavy equipment. I used the museum feature then described it as outdoors, but it was deleted because they said its not a building. Should I go back and redo it this time deleting any building tag or should I do it differently?

asked 29 Apr '17, 07:19

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Mr Satterly
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Just to be clear, a museum node looks like it was fine and deleting it was inappropriate.

Of course things that aren't buildings shouldn't be tagged as buildings, but it's pretty clearly tourism=museum, even if it isn't especially formal.

(29 Apr '17, 17:31) maxerickson

I would draw a polygon of the area. tag tourism=museum :name= xxxx : outdoor=yes : website=wwwxxx : telephone=1234. I assume it as an entrance office building and an address and post code add these as well. Maybe a service road and a carpark area also.

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answered 29 Apr '17, 07:45

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andy mackey
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edited 29 Apr '17, 08:42


Thanks for an answer. I redrew it with a service road, parking area, and used all the tags that fit for it. It is not staffed and has no buildings. All the things visible are massive equipment and old storage tanks. There is no posted address anywhere on site. From what I understand the property owner and the people who maintain the equipment site are two different groups, but I don't know for sure.

This is the location it is at.

(29 Apr '17, 17:02) Mr Satterly

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