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Hello, I am new to OSM, and I have been working on adding some local asphalt trails in hopes of improving the Cycle Map layer. I have been adding some as just "Path" with bicycle access set to Yes. After I add this, it does not show up in the Cycle Map layer. These asphalt trails are meant for walking and biking, so that is why I used just "Path". It looks like if I was to use "Foot Path" or "Cycle Path" it would work, but really it is both, so that it why I tried using just "Path".

What would be the correct type of path for this sort of thing?

asked 28 Apr '17, 16:58

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Ben Boldt
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The "correct" tagging is debated.

I tend to prefer highway=cycleway+foot=yes for a bike trail open to foot traffic, but lots of people use highway=path with bicycle and foot access tags. Because both are widely used, most maps will show both styles of tagging.

I expect the Cycle map layer simply has not updated with your changes yet. I'm not sure how quickly it picks things up.

Another good tag for bike trails is surface=, as many people want to avoid unpaved trails.

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answered 28 Apr '17, 17:02

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It was earlier this week that I added some trails and they are not showing up in the cycle map, but they are showing up in the standard map. For example, I added a trail alongside Rowland Road here:


In standard mode, it shows it as a dashed brown line, but in cycle map it does not show up at all. Could it take more than a few days to update the cycle map?

(28 Apr '17, 19:15) Ben Boldt

Ben Bodil, could you ask it the moderator of the cycle map for his update periods.

(28 Apr '17, 20:03) Hendrikklaas

@Ben Boldt: Yes, it could take some days, see that other question.

(28 Apr '17, 20:05) aseerel4c26 ♦

@Ben Boldt: in case you do not know what @maxerickson means by "tags", see our "Tags" wiki page.

(28 Apr '17, 20:06) aseerel4c26 ♦

Okay thanks! I am in no hurry, I just want to make sure I am doing things right and I think it is okay.

(28 Apr '17, 22:33) Ben Boldt

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